July 25, 2021

Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der den Tod überwand

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Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der den Tod überwand” (English: Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who conquered demise) is a hymn for Easter by Martin Luther. The textual content material originated in 1524. Johannes Zahn listed three hymn tunes for it. Two of these, Zahn Nos. 1976 and 1977, have been revealed in 1724. A third, Zahn No. 1978, is attributed to Luther and was first revealed in 1529. Variants of this melody originated as a lot because the early seventeenth century.[1][2][3]

Johann Sebastian Bach moreover wrote a chorale harmonization (BWV 364):[5][8][9]

Two four-part settings of the About this sound1529 melody of the hymn  have been included in Samuel Scheidt’s 1650 Görlitzer Tabulaturbuch (SSWV 441-540). Additional chorale preludes for organ have been composed by Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow (LV 36), by Johann Pachelbel (PC 60) and by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 626 throughout the Orgelbüchlein[7]).

Enchiridion geistlicher Gesänge 34.jpg

The 1524 Erfurt Enchiridion contained the hymn with the Zahn No. 1977 melody:[6]

One of many early melodies for “Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der den Tod überwand” appeared throughout the Erfurt Enchiridion. The later hymn tune, Zahn No. 1978, was adopted, as an illustration, in compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach.[3][5]

An English translation of the first stanza by George MacDonald[citation needed] :

Under is the distinctive German mannequin of the textual content material

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