October 21, 2021

James Allen (Army engineer)

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James Allen (February 15, 1806 – August 23, 1846) was a U.S. Military officer who organized the Mormon Battalion and was commander of Fort Des Moines (1843–1846), the fort from which the Metropolis of Des Moines grew. He was moreover answerable for enhancements to the harbor of Chicago along with producing maps of the U.S. frontier.[1]

Allen served as a result of the commanding officer (with the performing rank of lieutenant colonel) of the Battalion from the July 16, 1846 until his demise on August 23, 1846. He was the first officer buried at Fort Leavenworth Nationwide Cemetery.

He was despatched to Mt. Pisgah, Iowa, to a camp of homeless Latter-day Saints who had been pushed from their properties by anti-Mormon mobs, to recruit a battalion of 500 males to battle inside the Mexican–American Conflict. Initially the Mormons have been suspicious of him, nevertheless after he met with Mormon chief Brigham Younger, Younger completely endorsed the plan.

Allen was born in Ohio. He graduated from West Level in 1829. In 1832, he accompanied Henry Schoolcraft on an expedition to the headwaters of the Mississippi River, which led to Allen producing the first right map displaying the lakes and streams of the headwaters. In 1833 he was assigned to the First Regiment of Dragoons, the place he served as an engineer inside the exploration of the Indian nation of the Southwest. Allen oversaw enhancements to the harbor of Chicago in 1834. In 1842 he was transferred to Iowa, taking price of the Sac and Fox Company (“Fort Sanford”) after which Fort Des Moines No. 2. After Fort Des Moines No. 2 was abandoned in 1846, it grew to change into the core of what is now the fashionable Metropolis of Des Moines.

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