April 20, 2021

Sam Warner Net Worth

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Sam Warner Net Worth

$1.5 Million

Samuel Louis “Sam” Warner (August 10, 1887 – October 5, 1927) was an American film maker who was the prime supporter and CEO of Warner Bros. Studios. He set up the studio alongside his siblings Harry, Albert, and Jack Warner. Sam Warner is credited with obtaining the innovation that empowered Warner Bros. to deliver the entertainment world’s first full length talking picture, The Jazz Singer. He passed on in 1927, the day preceding the film’s hugely effective debut.

Full Name Samuel Louis Warner
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date Of Birth 1887-08-10
Died 1927-10-05
Occupation Co-founder of Warner Brothers
Profession Visual Effects
Spouse Lina Basquette
Nicknames Sam Warner, Warner, Sam, Sxm Wxrner

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